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Tyler County Booster - Local News
Stories Added - April 2009
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County Sheriff’s Corner
Tyler County Booster - April 2009
While the Warren armed bank robbery investigation is still on-going with assistance from the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI); substantial progress has been made concerning the homicide in Spurger, and hopefully by the next Sheriff’s Corner I will be able to give detailed information concerning our investigation. Due to the complexities of the case, this is not the time to openly discuss all aspects of the case, but know that Sergeant / Investigator Bud Sturrock and the rest of your Sheriff’s Office is doing all they can to bring this case to closure as soon as possible. Approximately two weeks ago, the Commissioner’s listened to a proposal from a prison architect that is working closely with a grant writer in an attempt to assist Tyler County with the expense of constructing a new jail. Currently, due to the fact that our jail houses a maximum of only 40 prisoners, we are housing excess prisoners in Newton County. The 2009 1st quarter costs for this exceeded $16,000, and that cost does not include the cost of approximately $200 per trip to pick up or deliver 1 inmate to/from Tyler County. Every court appearance and every lawyer visit, we are required to pick up and return each inmate. While the County of Newton is delighted to assist with our dilemma and more than happy in cashing checks that originate from the Tyler County taxpayer, we as a County need to realize the following two facts: We are wasting a lot of money that needs to stay here in Tyler County. Many parole and probation violators are walking free because we have no means of housing the numbers that need to be behind bars in a cost-effective manner. Since I have taken Office, I have witnessed the effort of our Commissioner’s Court in preparing for the construction of a new Justice Center, and I am assisting with information from my side as much as possible in expediting what is now a serious need in our County. As I have mentioned in a previous “Sheriff’s Corner”, the enforcement of Tyler County being a “dry county” has been a focus of the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission (TABC) and this Office, resulting in the closure and close monitoring of three of Tyler County’s more notorious facilities. Recently, the opening of a business near “Dearwood” has been a concern of many. After crowner of the Dogwood Queen, as the honoree (along with Mrs. Shivers) as Mr. East Texas 1971, and as the subject of the 1964 historical pageant. He also read the Gettysburg Address during the 1965 pageant about the Civil War. (9) A group of about 75 riders assembled near the Polk-Tyler County line in 1958 and rode into Woodville to join the Dogwood Parade. In 1968 the first Western Weekend was added to the Festival schedule. (10) The contestants are judged by the Kingsmen on beauty, poise, and personality. Equal value is given to each criteria. (11) 1971 Queen Robbie Crawford and 1976 Queen Jill Crawford are the daughters of Dorothy Crawford Oates and the Late Roland Crawford. (12) SNOW! (13) Marialice Shivers 1971, former first lady of Texas and Evelyn Lord, 2004, former Mayor of Beaumont. (14) Each year since 1975 presentations have been made to Dogwood volunteers recognized for exceptional service to the festival. The award is named for the father of the festival James E. Wheat. The first honorees were Ruby Wheat, Sam Sullivan, Sue Bracken, and J. B. Coffman. (15) The late Dr. A. M. McAfee, a retired chemist from Gulf Oil Corporation, kept meticulous records for a number of years on his property just west of Woodville. His records showed that the peak times for the dogwoods to bloom fell during the weekends designated for the Festival. Dogwood Festival Trivia Continued From Pg. 4Athe owner of this facility personally spoke with me, along with officers from TABC, they have decided to open a game room – type business instead. Since the business is located in the County versus inside Woodville, I have told the owner that visits from my Deputies will probably become a norm, attempting to insure a safe environment for our citizens to enjoy, and the owners have stated they welcome our presence. A sincere word of thanks goes out to all those that made this past Western Weekend a fun and safe family time for all, where no major problems were reported. The Lions Club Rodeo was exciting for many, and as far as I’m concerned, I’m glad that’s where the excitement stayed. Other than a few minor instances, the Trail Ride was also conducted as it was meant to be, which translated into a good time for old and young alike. Finally, as I mentioned in last month’s article, we will have our first ‘Town Hall’ – style meeting where you the citizen has a venue to express your concerns as they relate to law enforcement in your area of the County. The first meeting will be held at the Warren High School Library on April 23rd at 7PM. Hope to see you there. Take care, and God Bless. Sheriff David Hennigan


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