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Stories Added April 2010
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Woodville Police To Pay Anyone Who Can Buy Illegal Drugs In City

Tyler County Booster

It is still hard to comprehend all the devastation drug dealers inflict on American families. Deaths, lifetime addictions, sickness, poverty, crime of all sorts, and broken families are all byproducts of their trade. Even in our own small city there are those who unscrupulously peddle their poisons to our residents, beginning with our children, who are the most easily influenced. To combat this, several Woodville Police Officers began using every method possible to go after these criminals who not only sell out their fellow citizens and neighbors for “easy money”, but also young children and finally their own parents and families. Many parents argue the officers are falsely accusing their children of selling or using drugs and insist the officers are “picking on” their child while the child looks on with sad pitiful eyes claiming innocence. Unfortunately for the families, their defense of the child is usually enabling him or her to continue their illegal activities. By the time the parents realize that these illegal drugs have the strength to manipulate their own child into intentionally deceiving them, it is too late and the son or daughter is going to prison. Although they have been very successful in recent months, our officers are proposing a new strategy. We are offering to pay those who fit the criteria to buy any illegal drugs from anyone, anywhere in the City of Woodville. This must be done under very strict and precise conditions set by the Police Department. We cannot stress enough that the power of illegal drugs cannot be taken lightly. This is not a game, it has extremely serious, very long term consequences for our children. We must continue to act before these dealers make more addicts. To see if you are eligible to help us get these criminals off the streets, please call one of our contact officers: Jeremy Byrum, Lawrence Hicks, or Jathan Borel at 409-283-3791 or 409-283-5262. You may qualify to earn some extra cash and improve our City.

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