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Worker dead after accident at Nursery

Tyler County Booster

Raul Guerrero Gonzales, 50-year old Hispanic male, was killed tragically in an accident at Timberline Nursery in Hillister Friday. According to reports, Gonzales had been employed for only four days when the accident occurred. Gonzales completed his shift at 8 p.m. and was leaving the warehouse with six of his co-workers, according to Tyler County chief investigator Bud Sturrock. Gonzales needed to go to the restroom so he told his co-workers he would “catch up with them”. When he came out of the restroom, he got on his bicycle and drove off the concrete apron of the loading dock, landing face first into the pavement. Gonzales was found by co-workers at around 7 a.m. the next morning with massive injuries. Jerry Laurent was the first officer on the scene. Officers Tony Reynolds and Ricky Coker, along with Dogwood EMS were also present. Judge Brian Weatherford pronounced Gonzales dead at the scene. No foul play was evident at the scene according to officer Sturrock. “He had a pocket full of money and his cell phone was found in his apartment,” Sturrock said. A preliminary autopsy was done by Dr. Tommy Brown at the Jefferson County Morgue and he confirmed accidental death. Authorities located a cousin in Jacksonville and released his personal effects. The body has been released to the family who lives in Florida.

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