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Court date pending for repeat offender

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Jamie Carrell Franklin, age 39 of Fred, was arrested on October 17, 2008 by DPS trooper Buck Odom for possession of a controlled substance, failure to render aid, DWI and possession of drug paraphernalia after fleeing the scene of a car accident in the Hillister area. Minutes later, after driving her car onto the sidewalk at the courthouse, Odom made the arrest. Bond was posted in 2008 and on March 13, 2009 the grand jury indicted Franklin for possession of a controlled substance and also increased the charge of failure to render aid to a felony charge of accident involving serious bodily injury. Franklin posted the $20,000 bond. In October of 2009, she was again arrested, this time for failure to appear on both charges. Bond was again posted for these charges. In March of 2010, Franklin plead guilty and was given eight years probation on both charges. In October 2010, a probation warrant was issued for Franklin for probation violation, she was arrested and bond was posted again. According to reports, Franklin did not take care of her bonds and she was charged with withdrawal of bail bonds and arrested by Jeff Mashaw on July 30. Franklin found another bail bondsman and is currently out on bond. A court date is pending at this time.

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