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Tyler County Hazard Mitigation Planning Team Meeting Aug. 23 in Woodville

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The Tyler County Emergency Management Office announces an upcoming meeting of the Hazard Mitigation Planning Team. This meeting is scheduled for 3:30 p.m. on Tuesday, August 23, 2011. The meeting will be held in the Tyler County Nutrition Center located at 201 Veterans Way in Woodville, Texas. The input of thought processes and data harvested from the team members at previous meetings has been compiled into a finished product and will be presented at the meeting for discussion among the team members to receive their agreement and approval of the contents. Later that evening, at 6 p.m. at the Tyler County Nutrition Center, the Hazard Mitigation Planning Team will present this work product to the Citizens of Tyler County in a “public hearing” setting. Citizens will be given an overview of the accomplishments of this team and will have access to the information with input ability toward the final product to be published in the Tyler County Hazard Mitigation Action Plan. The Tyler County Hazard Mitigation Action Plan is a comprehensive document that is foundational and linked to all the Tyler County Emergency Plans and Operations. This document is fundamentally necessary to do business with the Federal Emergency Management Agency in the event of a disaster as well as for planning and funding purposes. The Plan identifies disasters and their possible impact to Tyler County. It also identifies activities that Tyler County will take to prepare for the possibility of the disasters in such a way as to lessen the severity of their effects and enhance the ability of our citizens and property to withstand them. All Citizens of Tyler County are welcome, invited, and encouraged to attend both the Team Meeting as well as the Public Hearing so as to be informed as well as being a participant of our County’s proactive approach to emergency management.

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