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Stories Added December 2010
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Sheriff’s Corner

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Recently, five people residing here in Tyler County have required medical attention or treatment after using the product known as “K-2”. This product, which has been described as a “synthetic marijuana,” allows the user to experience effects similar to marijuana due to its’ chemical composition. The medical issues that have arisen from using this product have also hit numerous other areas around the country. The product as of today’s date is still legal to purchase, as it will require the state legislature to pass laws making the usage or distribution illegal statewide. Currently there are numerous city councils across Texas and the nation who have voted to ban the substance in their respective cities, but unfortunately a county commissioner’s court does not have the authority to create such an ordinance. While the City of Woodville is actively looking into a city ban on the substance, the rest of the businesses in Tyler County would still be able to sell “K-2.” While the businesses who sell “K-2” claim it’s only sold as an incense, the fact that the product is named after the second highest mountain in the world should be a clue, as well as a statement that the manufacturers knew exactly what they were selling to the public. To make matters worse, “K-2” is not classified as a tobacco product, so therefore it is legal to sell to those under the age of 18, which by the way is the largest number of reported users. Currently, the Sheriff’s Office has only identified one convenience store here in Tyler County that sells the product, and we encourage all businesses to follow suit with the majority and not carry or sell this product. Another reminder for those of you who live alone or those who have loved ones or friends that live alone, our “Are-You-OK?” program is up and running. We encourage you, especially in the case of the elderly or disabled, to enroll in this program, as it is free of charge to all Tyler County residents. The program is computerbased, and once your information has been entered, the computer will call at a time you designate, and if you do not answer the phone call, a deputy will be dispatched to your residence to check on your welfare. Simply contact us at the Sheriff’s Office to sign up. I hope all of you had a safe and happy Thanksgiving holiday weekend, and since this is the December issue of the Sheriff’s Corner, on behalf of the Tyler County Sheriff’s Office; “Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you all.”

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