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Tyler County Booster - Local News
Stories Added - February 2009
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y Publishing Company

Village looking for ‘a few good docents’ to help with tours!
Tyler County Booster - February 2009

Happy belated Valentine’s Day! The day was certainly celebrated at Heritage Village
with not one but two happy couples uniting in marriage in our Cherokee Church. Congratulations
and best wishes to Bud and Debra Nugent from Woodville on their marriage. The service was followed with a reception in the Pickett House. Paul and Brandy Kocian of Colmesneil were also joined in marriage later in the day. Congratulations
and best wishes to you also. These two guys shouldn’t have any trouble remembering their anniversary or the holiday!
We are very pleased that we have the Cherokee Church that we can make available for joyous occasions such as these and for other activities that are suitable for a church environment. If you are planning such an event all you need to do is call the Village at 283-2272 and we will be happy to help you with your planning.
We are also able to help you with planning
other events that might include the Village Green and stage, the Buggy Barn, Main Street, or the Pickett House. Again, all you need to do is call the Village
to make your arrangements and set your date.
If you have noticed a new voice answering
the phone or have seen someone new working in the area and she is helping out while Pat Taylor is recovering from shoulder surgery and while Priscilla Hale is recovering from a stay in the Lufkin hospital after a bout with gall bladder and pancreas problems. Both of these loyal ladies are recovering nicely but it is really great to have Annie join us. Stop by, say hello, and give her a warm welcome.
Before the end of the month we will host a Girl Scout group from Colmesneil and a group of Aggie Moms from the area who will have a private dinner at the Pickett House. Just a reminder that tours and dinners are also easy to arrange by calling the Village at 283-2272.
And since we are talking about tours – we are in need of some additional docents to work when we have tours at the Village. This job is open to both males and females and you can work on your schedule. We offer training for the job and most days feed you lunch. You need only to have a love of sharing your knowledge with others and enjoy working with people of all ages. Your pay is the smiles and thank yous from all you work with. If you would like to help, please call 283-2272 or come by the Village and offer to help. We need you!
Special recognition goes to 4th grade teacher Sheri Nicotre of Warren Elementary.
Sheri was rewarded with a Target grant that will allow her to bring her students for a tour of Heritage Village. Congratulations, Sheri, on your grant, and thank you for thinking of keeping the money within the county by bringing your students on an educational field trip.
I hope you are keeping Monday, March 2nd, open for the annual Toast to Texas to be held at the Village. I am sure that we will be toasting with Mr. Jack’s branch water. I don’t know any other details yet but will let you know next week.
You also need to keep the Festival of the Arts weekend open for a fun time and for the Dinner on the Grounds on Sunday of the weekend. We try to have some “happening” at least once a month for you to enjoy. That is why we need YOU to help!


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