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Tyler County Booster - Local News
Stories Added - February 2009
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y Publishing Company

Shelby Tillery is 2009 Miss Tyler County!
Tyler County Booster - February 2009

Shelby Tillery, daughter of Ray and Stacy Tillery of Woodville was crowned “Miss Tyler County 2009” during the 44th Annual event held Saturday night at Woodville Eagles Summit auditorium. She was selected by the judges from a field of 10 competitors.
A large crowd turned out for both sessions Saturday to see the winners named. Here are the winners in each age category:

“Miss Tyler County”
Winner, Talent & Photogenic: Shelby Tillery #1 daughter of Ray & Stacy Tillery, 1st: Brittani Hubacek #6 granddaughter
of Sheila Parker, 2nd: Brittany Roby #7 daughter of Scott & Lacona Roby, Congeniality: Brandi Long #5
daughter of Annette & Doug Yeager.

“Junior Miss”
Winner: Breanne Ball #23 daughter of John & Erin Ball, 1st: Heather Chance #16 daughter of Darrell & Kathy Chance, 2nd: Harli Evans #7 daughter of Allen & Carina Dobbins, 3rd: Yesica Gallegos #9
daughter of Santos & Migdalia Ga, legos, 4th: Rachel Allie Nichol #3 daughter of Mike & Sharon Nichol, Photogenic: Ashley Livingston #14 daughter of John & Mandy Livingston.

“Teen Miss”
Winner: Anna Pate #10 daughter of Richard & Dana Pate, 1st: Bethany DeRouen #23 daughter of Kenneth & Sheryl DeRouen, 2nd: Julia Barnes daughter of Keith & Kelli Barnes, 3rd & Photogenic: Kaitlin Knox #12, daughter of John & Kelly Knox, 4th: Lana Mannino #5 daughter of Joe & Teresa Mannino.

“Future Miss”
Winner: Merrick Graham #24 daughter of Lester & Penny Graham, 1st: Rhiannon
Odom #19 daughter of Buck & Jeatonne Odom, 2nd: Emilee Best #11 daughter of Robert & L’Chanda Best, 3rd: Kati Crenshaw #14 daughter of Jeffery & Carrie Crenshaw, 4th & Photogenic: Hannah Graham #16 daughter of Chastyn & Gina Graham.

“Young Miss”
Winner: McKayla Marshall #9 daughter of Mike & Michelle Marshall, 1st: Mallory Monk #7, daughter of Rodney & Leann Monk, 2nd: Nature Jackson #22, daughter of Richard & Tonya Jackson
3rd: Jenna Wolfford #6 daughter of Michael & Tracie Wolfford, Photogenic: Alexis Weeks #20 daughter of Montie & Jennifer Weeks.

“Little Miss”
Winner: Sachi Richardson #5 daughter of Doug & Angela Richardson, 1st: Shelby Mason #22 daughter of Thad Mason & Tracy Mason, 2nd: Megan Callaway #31 daughter of Richard & Melissa Callaway, 3rd: Hope Tantzen #7 daughter of Michael Tantzen & Kim Cubley, 4th: Grace Eddins #19 daughter of Scott & Kelly Eddins, 5th: Jacqueline Hughes #7 daughter of Michael & Kristi Hughes, Photogenic: Mia Spradlin #9 daughter of Mandy Spradlin & Jeff Spradlin.

“Petite Miss”
Winner: Allyson Prosperie #6 daughter of Robert & Jenny Prosperie, 1st: Madison Manginsay #15 daughter of Ken & JoEllen Manginsay, 2nd: Olyvia Brocato #11 daughter of Paul & Suzann Brocato, 3rd: Susanna Dobbins #17 daughter of Gina & Wesley Dobbins, Photogenic: Kayla Merchant #12 daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Douglas Merchant.

“Little Miss”
Winner & Photogenic: Josey Sturrock #15 daughter of Billy & Casey Sturrock,
1st: Keeley Fowler #3 daughter of Daniel & Ginger Fowler, 2nd: Jayden Hensarling #10 daughter of Jason & Tiffany Hensarling.


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