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Tyler County Booster - Local News
Stories Added - February 2009
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Woodville Council Creates City Zoning Commission
Tyler County Booster - February 2009

Woodville City Council, during a recent regular meeting, with one nay vote, voted to create a Zoning Commission in the City of Woodville. Councilman Keith Fuller, who cast the only no vote, said that he thought it was premature to create such a commission. Much of the discussion centered around the question of exactly what the function of a Zoning Commission is and when it should be created. Woodville Mayor Ben Bythewood explained that in his view the first responsibility of the new Zoning Commission would be to decide if the city actually needed a zoning commission. Councilman Fuller said that creating the commission to study the need for a commission seemed like “putting the cart before the horse.” He also said that he didn’t think the city really needed such a commission and was concerned about the social and economic consequences of such a move. Zoning Commissions are usually created after a Council has decided to Zone the city. A Zoning Commission then holds hearings and makes decisions about how specific areas of the city should be zoned. Woodville currently has no such limitations, with a number of areas in the city, an example being along Magnolia street, where businesses and residential property are often side-by-side. In fact, one of the issues, should the Zoning Commission decide it needs to exist, would be that mixed usage area. It is likely that such existing use property would be grand fathered in under any new zoning laws, leaving little but residential property to be use limited. THE BOOSTER will follow up when more is known about the function of the Commission.


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