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Stories Added February 2011
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Court supports Alabama-Coushatta Tribal Law Enforcement Agency

Tyler County Booster

Tyler County Commissioners met Friday with a crowded agenda for the special meeting. During the meeting, a proposal by Tyler County Treasurer Sharon Fuller to requite mandatory enrollment for all Tyler County employees for direct deposit died for lack of a second to the motion to approve, and a second item specific to just new employees died for lack of a motion. Fuller explained that the agenda items were worded too strongly, that she didn’t really want to force direct deposit on anyone, but felt that the measure could save the county money and time. Commissioners also approved a resolution supporting efforts by the Alabama-Coushatta Tribe of Texas to establish a Tribal Law Enforcement Agency. Tyler County Judge Jacques Blanchette explained that he had been contacted by Senator Nichols, who was interested in the Sheriff’s perspective on the issue. The Reservation strattles Tyler and Polk Counties, and both counties are supportive of the effort. Blanchette said that establishing an internal law enforcement agency would ultimately give them the autonomy most cities have. Tyler County Sheriff David Hennigan told the court that for a while both Tyler County and Polk County Sheriff’s departments would have to carry duel commissions on some of their officers, with the hope that someday they will be able to carry their own commissions. “We simply will dual commission them right now with both Tyler and Polk Counties, and that way they can operate on both sides of the (county) line on the reservation,” Hennigan explained. The court also approved a request from Hennigan to buy a new video system for the Justice Center. Hennigan explained that a recent power outage had destroyed the old system, which had not been completely functional for some time. Part of the purchase would also include integrated access control, a system that would automatically log the comings and goings of those entering and exiting the building through the side door. Terry Allen, Juvenile Probation, asked the court to allow her to seek a grant from the Meadows Foundation for the summer work program that the department has participated in for a number of years. She explained that funding previously available to finance the program was no longer available, and that the Meadows Foundation had previously expressed interest in funding it. Commissioners approved the request. In other business, the Court approved a request from Sheriff Hennigan to seek a CJD grant through DETCOG for computers with software for each patrol car, approved accepting online payments for traffic citations from a request by JP Pct. 1 Bryan Weatherford, approved a lease renewal for the Commissioners Office at the Wheat Building, approved payment of the remaining money owed to NAPCO (approximately $213,000) for work during Hurricane Ike, approved free disposal of metal and white goods at Tyler County Collection Center for the month of March 2011, and approved a Flood Plain Ordinance, Flood Plain Permitting Plan and Flood Plain Permitting Fee from a presentation by Tyler County Emergency Coordinator Dale Freeman. You can listen to an audio recording of the meeting at the Tyler County Booster website: www.tylercountybooster. com.

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