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Tyler County Booster - Local News
Stories Added - July 2009
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It’s HOT! Village Gift Shop Is Cool!
Tyler County Booster - July 2009

Maybe it’s because I’m older than I used to be (duh!) but I don’t remember it being this hot so early in the summer. All I have wanted to do is stay in and do things around the house. We also really need rain in our area. Pulling water hoses from one part of the yard to another has been the extent of my outside work. Fortunately for Heritage Village there are plenty of people who do get out in the heat and they are coming to tour the Village, shop in the Gift Shop, and eat at the Pickett House. Last week we entertained a senior group from St. Mary’s United Methodist Church in Houston. We also had travelers who are in the United States for two weeks who came from France and Russia.

They had a great time looking at the “old” stuff in the Village. Also we have recently had visitors from England who will be touring the States for three weeks. I didn’t have the opportunity to talk with either of our out of country groups but I would love to know how they found Heritage Village. Maybe our fame spreads wider than we ever guessed! If you are looking for a cool place to visit, the exhibit on the American flag will be on display until the end of the month. It would be a good visit for children because it chronicles the history of our flag. After you have looked at the flag exhibit, take some time to look at the permanent exhibits in the other exhibit rooms. The rocks and Indian artifacts are also something that will be of interest to kids of all ages.

Last, but not least, take time to browse the Gift Shop. You might not have a need for a gift just now but I’m sure you will in the future. We have a good selection of books of all types. One new addition is a book by Charles Sapp, member of the Sapp family who makes oak baskets that are for sale at the Village. Charles’ book is entitled “The Man with Two Faces.” We also have David Rust’s book, “Gritty Grace”. It will be worth your time to leaf through these and our other books. We have also added a new line of mugs, Wonder Mugs that change colors as hot beverages are added. It may be hard to imagine so come on by and request a demonstration. During the summer we are getting some repairs started on several of our buildings.

These repairs will not interfere with your tour through the Village if you want to visit. Hurricanes Rita and Ike left a few mementos behind that we have to get repaired so we don’t have further damage. We are also getting some much needed repairs done to the lower parking lot. After they are finished you won’t have to worry that you will lose your vehicle in some of the holes. In short, Heritage Village is open. We have a good Gift Shop that is cool and a great place to visit, browse and shop. The Pickett House is open for your dining pleasure. Come out and see! We are beginning our plans for the annual Mexican dinner. Can’t tell you a date yet but it is always on the evening of the first Woodville home football game. Some of you will know that date. Please call the Village at 283-2272 and let us know. Thank you.


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