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Tyler County Booster - Local News
Stories Added - July 2009
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Plans underway for Mexican Dinner
Tyler County Booster - July 2009

First to take care of a little business. In the column last week I wrote about a new book that is available in the Heritage Village Gift Shop written by Charles Sapp. If you went looking for it there or anywhere else you would have given them the wrong title if you depended on what I wrote. The correct title of Charles’ book is “The Man With Two Names: Based on the True Story of the Most Notorious Fugitive in Southeast Texas”. The book is about Charles’ father, Emory Sapp. Emory Eron Sapp was one of five children born in East Texas; his father was a doctor. He grew up to try his hand at several things but turned out to like law enforcement best. The book chronicles his life through the death of a wife, the death of two close friends, and Sapp’s sentence to 99 years in prison for the death of the two men.

The story continues with Sapp escaping from prison after several years and moving to Johnson City, TN where he took the name of his dead brother, Tom. Now you know where the two names in the title come from. I don’t want to give away the entire story so I will leave it there for you to find out the rest of the story. I think that “the most notorious fugitive” part of the title is well deserved. The book reads like a mystery story and one that you will enjoy and want to share with others. Just received word that one of our Gift Shop employees, Pat Taylor, is now back at home following a stay in the hospital for surgery. Get well, quick, Pat. We need you. People must have taken me at my word about the Gift Shop being a “cool” place to visit because we have been very busy with travelers and even local visitors.

A couple of the visitors were overheard saying something about it being their first visit in 30 years! That is certainly too long! I’m sure they were impressed with the new buildings, the organization of our artifacts, and how the Village has improved in general since their last visit. How long has it been since you last made a visit? To quote a recent TV commercial – “Well, that’s too long.” I gave up on getting a response to my inquiry about the date for the first Woodville home football game so I did what all “modern” people do now. I went to the internet and searched for Woodville ISD and found the website. I might add that it is well done and easy to navigate. Thank you to whomever it is that maintains your site. I did find a football schedule posted and it lists the first home game on August 28th at 7:30 against Kountze.

I will go with that and make the assumption that our annual Mexican Dinner will be that evening. I know from past experience that take-outs will be available and that the food will be wonderful. Plan now for August 28th and if I am wrong you will be the second ones to know! We can all be thankful for the rain we recently received. It did settle the dust on our Main Street and helped rescue the grass in our grassy areas. We are supposed to have slightly cooler temperatures for about a week so now is a good time to come out for that visit you have been promising yourself and bring your friends and family.


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