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Tyler County Booster - Local News
Stories Added - July 2009
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$4.9 million bridge project on target
Tyler County Booster - July 2009

If you live near, or have to cross daily, one of the counties numerous bridges then you know that a lot of them are under some stage of construction. And while you might be inconvenienced for a while longer if you have to detour around one of those bridges, Tyler County Commissioners Martin Nash and Jack Walston say it will be worth it. The bridges are part of a project that they say Tyler County could never have afforded if it weren’t round two funding as a result of Hurricane Rita. Tyler County, as a result of a lot of hard work, and not a few trips to Austin, by Commissioners, received $4.9 million in Hurricane Rita Round Two funding specifically to replace bridges and fund drainage projects in Tyler County.

The funding is making possible the replacement of 12 bridges and seven drainage structures in the county. While it may seem like it is taking a long time to construct these bridges, especially if you are inconvenienced, Nash and Walston say that the whole process is being driven by economics. There is a single contractor working on the project and as a result, all the bridges are being built at the same time. The contractor brings in, for example, a rig to drive pilings, and that rig moves from one bridge to another doing just that.

“There is just no way to complete the project on time doing it any other way,” Walston said. But the economy of building the bridges with a single contractor has paid off. By using a single contractor, the county saved $1.72 million which enabled them to add eight other projects under the funding. “There is simply no way Tyler County could have ever afforded to build these solid concrete bridges without the Round Two funding,” Nash explained. These bridges, he explained, will be here for the long haul, unlike the wooden bridges many replace. So if you find yourself wondering when you will get to stop driving 12 miles out of your way to get wherever you are going, remember that the almost $5 million dollars to replace those bridges is thanks to Rita. And the county won’t have to replace them again.


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