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Tyler County Sheriff’s Corner...

Tyler County Booster

First, a congratulations goes out to our very own Sergeant Jeffrey Mashaw for his selection to receive the East Texas Peace Officers Association “Award of Excellence”. Jeff was honored at a banquet hosted in Center, Texas, this past Tuesday evening with over 250 fellow officers from across East Texas, family and friends. While we have many deserving deputies within the Sheriff’s Office, as Sgt. Mashaw will readily attest to, this honor was Jeff’s, and rightly deserved. The “Award of Excellence” is given to an officer who has demonstrated himself above and beyond the typical call to duty, as well as an example for others to strive towards, personally and professionally. Jeff’s strong dedication to God, his family, his fellow deputies and officers, the Sheriff’s Office, and you, the citizens of Tyler County is something I hope all of you can appreciate. As his Sheriff, I could not be prouder, and please, when you see Jeff, let him know your appreciation as well. Second, unlike last month’s bill of $26,548 for prisoner housing, this month, we will now spend in excess of $29,000, housing our prisoners outside the county. Over twenty years ago, the county passed a tax increase which paid for the current jail facility, and once the jail was paid off, the increase was eventually removed. After the jail was built, the current Sheriff realized that he had extra jail beds available, and started “renting” them out to the Federal Marshall’s Service and other entities, creating a revenue stream back to Tyler County. Some years this revenue would exceed a quarter million dollars that the county could apply back to the General Fund and, also, pay off the note on the jail that much sooner. It’s a concept worth serious consideration for our own future, and once we have built our own new facility, it’s one I promise to vigorously pursue. Third, we are ready to start accepting those who desire to become members in the “Are You OK” Program. Elderly and disabled persons living alone can now be checked on daily with this program, and I encourage all who need or desire to utilize this program to please contact our Office to sign up. And finally, I wish every one of you a safe and enjoyable Fourth of July weekend, and remember those who are serving or have served in our Armed Services, as it was our military who made it possible for you to celebrate this, our Independence Day.

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