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Stories Added July 2010
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Tea Party Meets In Jasper

Tyler County Booster

The city of Jasper was lavishly decorated with American flags and banners everywhere, proudly displaying the red, white and blue. Over a hundred people gathered on the courthouse square where local tea party groups from Tyler, Jasper and Newton counties combined in a celebration meeting of our country’s 234th Independence Day. Richard Ramsey, from Newton, served as the moderator and called upon Mr John Bryan to open the meeting in prayer and the pledge of allegiance. Words of our veterans were spoken as well as several people being acknowledged for their hard work and dedication to the cause. Among these were: Kelly Garza from Woodviile’s tylercopatriots.com, Lois Lamberty from Jasper, Lydia Damrel from Vidor, Gary Dannar from Woodville, David Fuller ‘ from Jasper, Jack Salmons from Beaumont and Jerry from the newly formed Newton group. Cody Jackson, from Kirbyville, was introduced and provided the music with a proclamation of his faith and love of God and country that blessed the crowd and had them singing along at times. Jessica Hughes, Executive Director of the Founders Alliance in Nacogdoches area was a guest speaker. She became an advocate for freedom when an unwarranted visit from the Secret Service led her to question whether the liberties Americans treasure was truly secure. She is dedicated to personal liberty, free markets and reinstating the Constitution as the supreme law of the land. In quoting from her book, REVOLT A Mandate to Restore the Constitution, “Instead of fighting to be on top, let’s fight to be free. REVOLT against legalized plunder; REVOLT against the bribe of false prosperity; REVOLT against the indenturing of our children to our debts; REVOLT against the shackles of Party promises. From this day forward, live for Liberty.” Art Bedford of San Augustine is Chairman of the Texans for Initiatives and Referendum Rights and also a State Coordinator for Citizens in Charge Foundation. (Their websites are www.initiativesfortexas.org and www.citizensincharge.org) Mr Bedford spoke on citizens responsibilities, emphasizing to acknowledge your responsibilty to this great state and to this great country, adding that perhaps our churches must once again be the gatekeepers. He tells us that there have been over a thousand new laws passed through our state legislature in the past year alone, did you know that? Initiatives work by pressuring our lawmakers to listen to the people. See the websites mentioned above for more info and details. Mr Bedford is available to speak to groups and gives a twenty minute power point presentation of this information. Woodviile’s James White, candidate for State Representative, District 12 spoke on a variety of issues with an emphatic, powerful!, underlying theme of “WE HAVE HAD ENOUGH!” This is the spirit of the American people today - we have had enough of the taxes and enough of the perversions of power and enough of the regulatory schemes and threats. We have had enough of our national government over promising and under delivering! We have had enough of our state and local governments complicity. We don’t need a change - we need a restoration of our founding principles. We have had enough of the international grovelling, America is a blessed land of abundance and prosperity and “WE HAVE HAD ENOUGH!” I am proud to agree with and support James White for State Representative, District 12. We are America and yes, we have had enough, may God ever keep us free! It was a good day on the courthouse square in Jasper, Texas on July 3rd, 2010! Let’s keep marching on and let freedom ring! Sincerely, Laurie Armstrong, Woodville, TX www.tylercopatriots.com

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