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Woodville ISD buys five acre track off Bluebonnet

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Woodville ISD school superintendent Glen Conner told the Booster Tuesday that the school board voted to purchase five acres of land on Bluebonnet street adjoining school property. “In that area, Mr. Sutton owned a small house and five acres which was land locked in a way, by school property,” said Conner. “We were offered the property and the school board could not pass it up. It is a good addition to our campus.” During the same meeting, the school board voted to replace batting cages for baseball and softball practice that were damaged during the hurricane and not replaced. “We are currently deciding on the best location for these batting cages…they will not be on the new land we just purchased,” Conner said. “We are trying to make it easier for our students to practice during off season without having to be bussed to Hennigan Park. We are still totally committed to Hennigan Park and will fully support future plans for the park.”

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