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Tyler County Booster - Local News
Stories Added - June 2009
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County Treaurer says: Don’t let unclaimed dollars get away!
Tyler County Booster - June 2009

by Sharon Fuller
Tyler County Treasurer

Last year Texas received more than 1.2 million owner records valued at more than $317 million dollars and sent over 82,000 direct mail notifications generating 393,000 claims reuniting more than 106,000 owners with more than $123 million of previously unclaimed funds. All financial institutions, businesses, government entities, and organizations that are holding abandoned property belonging to Texas residents should file a report with the Texas Comptroller’s office. Abandoned or unclaimed property can be any financial asset that appears to have been abandoned by the owner.

For example:
Uncashed dividend, payroll, and cashier’s checks. Stocks, bonds, mutual fund accounts. Utility deposits and other refunds. Bank accounts and safe deposit box contents. Insurance proceeds. Mineral Interest or royalty payments. Court deposits, trust funds, escrow accounts.

All holder reports and payments must be postmarked or transmitted no later than November 1 of every year. The cut-off date for reviewing records is June 30. For more information regarding unclaimed property, the claim process and documentation requirements, or to check the current status of your claim, please visit Web site at: www.window. state .tx. us/up You may also call 1-800-321-2274. The Austin number is 512/463-3040. If you think you might have unclaimed money out there, please feel free to stop by the Treasurer’s office in the courthouse and we will be glad to help you look your name and social security number up on the internet. Who knows? You might just have money out there that you didn’t know about.


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