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Stories Added June 2010
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Woodville Police Officers Continue To Remove Drugs From Streets

Tyler County Booster

Many people are fortunate enough to never come in contact with the illegal drug world. We are trying to show those who do, that it is not worth it. Since school is almost out for the summer I want to take this week to ask all the young folks out there to use your heads when someone, anyone, offers you drugs. There is no social drug use, it is addictive. You have seen it is not controllable. You have seen negative consequences. You know the negative effects illegal drugs, even illegally used prescription drugs, have on families. You can even lose your stuff; cars, money, any contraband. State Law defines contraband as anything used, intended for use, or acquired from the proceeds of most illegal activity that is a felony. We seize contraband! If you sell drugs and buy a car, or sell drugs out of your car, we seize your car and any cash we catch you with. In some cases your bank accounts too! That money is what we are using to pay undercover officers and others to buy illegal drugs from the current dealers. Having trouble saying no? You have a whole circle of friends and family that can help you say no. Don’t want to talk to them? Teachers, Counselors, Coaches, Principals, Secretaries, Doctors, Pastors, Preachers, Probation and District Attorney Officers, Judges, and any Law Enforcement Officer will help too! If one does not help or understand what you need, find another… It’s that important. As strange as it sounds, there are ex drug dealers and users that will tell you the same thing! We contacted the prisoners at our own Gibb Lewis Prison Unit and asked them to speak to you from their hearts. Since they cannot do it directly, they wrote letters… around fifty in all. These are the guys that were where you are now. Faced with a choice. They will tell you in some of the attached letters the same thing we are telling you. The entire Circle from Cops to Inmates, Preachers to Teachers, Parents to Probation, Judges, Doctors, Neighbors and many more are telling you the same thing. Use your head. Don’t be fooled! Drugs are powerful, the effects are devastating. If you are being pressured, get help! Breaking The Cycle Begins With You!!

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