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“Good decisions come from experience, and a good portion of experience comes from bad decisions,” and since I know the last perfect human was born over 2,000 years ago, there’s a good chance that I will continue to grow in my experience. When considering the decisions I make about the direction of the Sheriff ’s Office in its’ service to Tyler County, I usually draw upon my experience to assist me, as well as the experience of others. Many of the good decisions I have made over the past 2-1/2 years as Sheriff, probably has a root from a bad decision I made or saw someone else make in the previous 24 years with the military or in law enforcement. Every decision I make has a “cause and effect”, as is the case with my decision to have a dedicated Narcotics Officer for our county. I simply felt that the drug problem here in our county had gone unaddressed long enough, and it was time for a change. On two consecutive yearly budget sessions before Commissioner’s Court, my request for a dedicated Narcotics Officer was denied for lack of funding ability. With the old saying, “too many chiefs, and not enough Indians” in mind, I took advantage of the retirement-created vacancy for a Jail Administrator, and created a street-level position from an administrative position. At first the position was made into a deputy who was responsible for all prisoner transports due to our jail overcrowding issue, but late last year, after the second request for additional manpower was not approved, that position was made into what is now the Tyler County Sheriff’s Office first narcotics investigator. Unfortunately, tor. Unfortunately, this created a problem within our jail, which has led to two failed jail inspections. Most failed inspection items are minor in nature, as in missing paperwork or documentation of duties performed, with the major items involving maintenance issues, such as plumbing, and we now realize just how important that jail administrator position was. Does this mean I will pull the narcotics investigator off the streets? – Absolutely not. It simply means that I will attempt at budget session to once again secure manpower, which will then be used to officially fill the narcotics officer position, giving us back our jail administrator. For those of you who feel I am “pushing” or “goading” the Commissioner’s Court by my words above, let me set the record straight for you – I am not doing my job if I do not make the Commissioner’s Court aware of the needs of the Sheriff ’s Office. Some may say, “Well you just don’t need to make it so public and you need to learn how to play the political game better.” First, the whole reason for this monthly article I write is to keep you, the citizen informed, and I have nothing to hide. Second, as I informed everyone I spoke to during the last election, “Law enforcement and politics make for bad bed partners. If you want a good ol’ boy politician for Sheriff, you don’t need to vote for me.” Bottom-line, I feel all the members of Commissioner’s Court are pro-law enforcement, and want to see justice prevail throughout the county. I know what is needed for law enforcement to operate at peak efficiency within our county, and it is part of my job also to convey that message to our Commissioner’s Court, and then it’s up to them to decide whether the county can financially afford the needs I make them aware of. On another note, to those who feel it is “OK” to dump and abandon your pets; if we catch you, we will arrest you, and charge you under Texas Penal Code’s animal cruelty laws. The offense is a Class A misdemeanor, carry up to a $4,000 fine and up to one year in jail. I also want to say a special thanks to the Hillister Baptist Church and Mr. Ron Poindexter. The Hillister Baptist Church conducted a stuffed animal drive where they gave four huge bags of stuffed animals to the Sheriff ’s Office. Our deputy’s carry in their vehicle a few of these stuffed animals should they come across a traumatized child at the many situations they respond to. To Mr. Poindexter, the Tyler County Sheriff ’s Office (unofficial) Jail Chaplain, who gives freely of his time to minister to our inmates, I’m proud to say baptized eight of them over the past two months. My thought process on this is simple, and that is even if just one truly gave his life over to our Lord, then more than likely that is one less individual our deputies and officers will have to deal with again someday. Thank you Ron! I hope all of you had a safe and enjoyable Memorial Day weekend, and let us not forget the reason for this day, to honor those who have served, and most importantly, to honor those who paid the ultimate sacrifice to protect your freedoms; our United States military – All gave some; some gave all.

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