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Tyler County Booster - Local News
Stories Added - March 2009
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Pay up or go to jail!
Tyler County Booster - March 2009

Municipal Judge Judith Haney has a message for folks with outstanding fines owed to the city—law enforcement officers are looking for you! Haney has announced that the City of Woodville has launched a Warrant Round-Up for those with unpaid fines owed to the city. Failure to pay those fines could put you in jail. In the past, the city had difficulty enforcing its fines because of lack of jail space. Things have changed. The City of Woodville and Tyler County Sheriff’s office have worked out a plan that now gives the city several beds in the jail each week. Haney said she plans to take full advantage of those available beds. Beginning Saturday, March 7, the Woodville Police Department will combine forces with all local law enforcement agencies to actively search for you if you have outstanding fines. Haney says you will be arrested wherever they find you, including your home or place of business. If you owe a fine, you can take care of it in person at Woodville Municipal Court, 400 West Bluff in Woodville. Cash, money orders, Cashier’s checks and credit cards (Visa and Master charge) are accepted. You can also pay by mail to the same address. If you need more information, call Municipal Court at (409) 283-3255. If you don’t want to enjoy a few days of the county’s hospitality in jail, it appears to be time to take care of those fines.


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