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Tyler County Booster - Local News
Stories Added - March 2009
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y Publishing Company

Festival of the Arts blessed with beautiful weather
Tyler County Booster - March 2009

If we ever doubted that there were guardian angels we certainly don’t now! Friday morning Woody Cone was driving down Hwy. 190 by Heritage Village when he just by chance looked toward the Village. He noticed a small wisp of smoke coming from the “big house” near the road and thought that it as odd. Long time readers will recognize this building as the original entrance to the Village and the current location of the Railroad Museum. Woody turned into the Village to tell our director, Ofeira Gazzaway, and to request the location of a water hose. Ofeira called the Woodville Volunteer Fire Department and they quickly responded. What they found was a small electrical fire that was caught in time before much damage was done. If Woody had not been traveling by, if he had not glanced toward the Village, if the fire was larger, if the fire department hadn’t gotten to the Village as quickly as they did---the story would have had another ending instead of the happy one that I am glad to report. The fire was caught in time and did minimal damage to the building. The electrical wiring will need to be worked on and checked out but there was no damage to the Railroad Museum. Thank you, Woody and the fire department. Thanks to all of you who called offering any help that might be needed. And on that happy note we were able to complete the finishing touches for Festival of the Arts. Can there be any time more glorious than spring in southeast Texas?

This past weekend was a perfect example. The temperatures were just right for being out and there was no rain to slow things down. Yes, I know that we need rain but I am glad that it didn’t rain and spoil the first weekend of the Dogwood Festival. Saturday brought a nice crowd to Heritage Village to view quilts and art work on display. Thanks to John Helton and Maurice Bigham for entertaining during the day with their concerts in the Cherokee Church. We hope you were able to come out and enjoy the displays. We were also blessed with wonderful weather on Sunday for our annual “Dinner on the Grounds” and Cherokee homecoming. I am sure that the great weather contributed to the number of guests that were served. We had so many that we almost ran out of food! Please note that I said almost! Thanks to all the people who contributed food for this event. We could not have done this without your help. From the cookers of the cornbread, squash, dressing, meatloaf, and beans to the makers of the pies, cakes, cobbler and banana pudding - you are great cooks. Thanks to Bill Smith for cooking the brisket, ribs and sausage for us. The Village Express made lots of trips from the upper parking lot to the Village main street shuttling our guests. Thanks to Dewayne and Durwood Ling for helping with the transportation.

I know that everyone enjoyed the variety of entertainment that was presented during the day. Thanks to the trio of Stevie Cruett, Troy Miles, and Shelby Guillory, Lyndon Alec who performed the hoop dance, John Helton who played the violin and accordion, and the singing group Generations. We appreciate you. Prior to the dinner members of the Cherokee community gathered in the Cherokee Church for their annual reunion. They seemed to be having a good time visiting with each other and meeting new friends. Thanks to Ruth Durham for coordinating this event. You may have noticed the new sign on the front of the Gift Shop building. The old sign was badly in need of repair and repainting. Thanks to Huntley and Judy Kenneson for seeing a need and taking care of it. Just so you will be aware – prices at the Pickett House are being slightly increased beginning April 1st. The two piece meal served Monday-Friday will now be $6.99. The senior all-you-can eat meal will now be $8.99. Children 3 and under will be $2, children 3-5 will be $3.99 children 6-12 will be $6.99. The regular adult price of $9.99 remains the same. Most restaurants pay their workers a small wage and they have to depend on tips to make a good salary. Our employees are paid the minimum wage when they start with us and are given raises as they continue employment. Any tips left are also passed on to the employees. We have not raised our prices in more than 10 years but the Board of Directors felt that it was necessary to do so now. We hope this small adjustment in price will not keep any of our loyal customers away.


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