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Stories Added March 2010
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County students Toast Texas

Tyler County Booster

Tyler County celebrated Texas Independence Day last week with the Annual “Toast to Texas” at Heritage Village. Beautiful weather brought out a fine crowd to lift a glass of springwater to the state, and hear toasts from area students selected from each of the school districts. Here are the students toasts.

A Toast to Texas
By Sarah Pesek
Colmesneil Middle School
A toast to Texas, so raise your glasses high For our land, our freedom and our Texas pride. Many battles were fought upon this Texas soil, That cannot be denied But our patriotism and great wisdom Could not be deprived In Remembrance, The shout of Independence “Remember the Alamo” And the victorious battle of San Jacinto And so the Texas Flag shall fly forever more Texas, Oh Texas It is YOU who we adore!

A Toast to Texas
By Zach Allen Warren
Jr. High School
I propose a Toast to Texas: It is said to be a country all its own. Texas is the place I’ve grown and it’s the best I’ve known. I’ve been to other states and none are near as great. There is no grass any greener than in this beautiful state. The people are what set Texas apart, friendly and kind with generous hearts. History will forever show the bravery of the Alamo. There freedom was not ours but skies full of woes and cries. The victory was later won, after the death of many sons. That spirit will endure, of that you can be sure. With the help from God above, we’ll protect this land we love… TEXAS!!

A Toast to Texas
By Madison Griffin
Woodville Middle School
Texas, I raise a toast to you that you may stand forever true. I am proud to be a descendent of one of Steven F. Austin’s original 300. My family is honored to live in the great state. You are truly beautiful and diverse from lush forests to mountains and deserts. You have industry and agriculture. There surely cannot be a better place to live. Texas, I salute you for your hard won independence And may we all “Remember the Alamo!”

A Toast to Texas
By Ronnie Teets
Chester Junior High School
From your cities so bold To your rivers of gold And memories of the old! All that died in service to you, Texas After all you’ve been through Here’s to you, Texas!!!

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