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Livestock Finding The Grass Greener Outside The Fence

Tyler County Booster

The Tyler County Sheriff’s department reported a significant increase in calls this week relating to livestock roaming free around the county. And anyone that’s had a close encounter with a cow on the highway knows that the result is both potentially dangerous and expensive. “Our department spends a lot of man hours dealing with this problem,” said chief deputy Clint Sturrock. “We have to take these calls seriously for the safety of people driving on farm to market roads.” The sheriff’s department encourages residents to inform neighbors when possible, if they are the known owners of loose livestock. If they are unavailable or if the owners refuse to act immediately, call the sheriff’s department for help. After owners have been warned, they can be given a citation for negligence and charged $25 per hour plus $10 per day per animal. If impounded for more than 18 days, the fine increases to $16 per day per animal. A more serious citation of “allowing livestock to roam” is punishable up to a $500 fine in addition to animal impound charges. The Sheriff’s Department has the right to sell the livestock after 18 days at an auction to recover costs involved. If a car accident occurs on a farm to market road involving livestock, the owner is held responsible for all medical and repair bills incurred by the driver and/or passengers.

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