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DWI arrest costly in Tyler County

Tyler County Booster

The Tyler County sheriffs department reported a rise during the past week of alcohol related crimes. According to chief deputy Clint Sturrock, the springtime weather is a possible contributor to the increase in people traveling the roads while under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs. “It is not cheap to be arrested for DWI,” said Sturrock. “Tyler County residents need to know we are out in full force protecting the roads from drunk drivers and the upcoming Western Weekend will be no exception.” A Driving While Intoxicated first offense class B, will result in court fines, attorney fees, wrecker bill, possible jail time up to 180 days and the cost of being bailed out of jail, possible drivers license suspension and then reinstatement fees plus possible probation fees. “All total, a DWI first offense can cost a driver up to $2700,” Sturrock said. If someone under 21 years of age is found guilty of a DWI first offense, they could face a one-year drivers license suspension or be required to purchase and install an interlocking devise for approximately $500 and have it installed on the vehicle. This devise requires the driver to blow into a tube before the automobile will start. DWI second offense Class A includes all the same expenses with an increase in fines and up to one year in jail. DWI third offense is a felony in Texas and can include prison time as well as an increase in fines.

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