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Tyler County Booster - Local News
Stories Added - May 2009
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New Mail Scam targeting Senior Citizens
Tyler County Booster - May 2009
Recently I was compelled to talk to the readers about the latest Mail Scam that is circulating in our area. Most of you have had the constant problems of the getting all of the (Junk) mail from these Sweepstakes Entries. You know the drill, (“Congratulations you have won 2 Million Dollars”) All you have to do is send in a few hundred dollars to take care of the taxes and processing. Unfortunately this scam has come close to home for a lot of our readers. These Sweepstakes Scams have been doing this for years. Some will even send you a check in the mail to pay for all those taxes and processing. Then they will tell you to deposit that check in your checking or saving account, then send them a Cashiers Check or Money Order for that requested amount. Of course, what happens when your bank contacts you days later and tells you that the check you deposited into your account was a Counterfeit or Fake. There goes your money forever! Well, now these people are changing their tactics a little, probably because of the economy, who knows! But they are constantly after your hard earned money. They mail you these notices and they use several different names. Unclaimed Prizes Unlimited, Award Prizes, Clearing House Publishers, you know, you have seen them for years. Now they are just asking you for a little money, amounts such as, $21.99, $24.99, $20.00 etc. Their scheme now is to mail you several different Prize Notifications from several different states and or addresses, advising you that you have won lots of money. Then asking you to pay the small processing fee and then your rich! This is where it happens; You send them a CHECK for the 20 or so dollars, and they got you! They have just obtained your banking information and look out! Most you know about how businesses can debit our bank accounts for payment. Well that’s the connection! They have got your bank account information and now they are able to debit your account repeatedly, sometimes five and six times a day. Most people I’ve talked to say, “I thought I had won money from several different Sweepstakes.” But actually it’s the same company sending you these mail outs by using different names and addresses. So the two ways they are getting your money are by you sending in those small amounts of money (Many Times) OR by accessing your banking account through unauthorized debits of your accounts. Like always, they are crafty and its extremely time consuming for Law Enforcement to track down these bad guys! Because of the fact of the money transactions being for such small amounts, they are hard to obtain assistance from other Law Enforcement agencies. Thus very little chance of getting back your money are catching or the bad guys. It seems that there Fraudulent Sweepstakes companies are targeting Senior Citizens, so please remember the old saying, “You don’t get something for nothing.” Take care, be smart and don’t become a victim.


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