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Stories Added - May 2009
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Village gets good press in Chronicle
Tyler County Booster - May 2009
Before I get any further in this column I want to be sure to invite everyone to view the Dogwood Festival exhibit that is on display in the Exhibit Room of the Gift Shop at Heritage Village. I keep forgetting to mention this great collection of Dogwood memorabilia that showcases the annual festival in Tyler County. The items will be on display until the first part of May so you still have time to view them. During Festival of the Arts at the Village it was my privilege to walk through the Village with a writer from the Houston Chronicle who was making a trip through East Texas to see the sights and write about them for the travel section in the Chronicle. We had a great time and she was very interested in the Village, the history of each of the buildings, and the idea that artifacts were all “touchable”. She was impressed with the improvements in recent years and wants to come back when the fiber arts building is built. She left and said she would notify us when the article was to be printed. Sure enough, I received an email letting me know that soon after she returned to Houston and filed her story she became jobless and is now a freelance writer.

The article appeared in the travel section of the Houston Chronicle on April 19th. We have a copy at the Village if you missed it and are interested in viewing it. The article is well written and includes not only the Village and Pickett House but the Big Thicket Park and other places of interest in the area. The article also appeared the same day in the San Antonio Express and a newspaper in Seattle, Washington. We can’t afford to pay for good advertising like this. We’ll never know how many people read the story but we may be able to figure out if it generates visitors from these areas since we have guests sign a guest book. Let’s hope so!

The Board of Directors met last week and had several items on the agenda of interest. We recapped the Dinner on the Grounds. We realize that we need more food than we had this year since some of the late comers didn’t have a good selection to choose from. We promise that next year we will be better prepared and able to ensure you that we will have ample for any who come. Another topic was the continuing drainage problems in certain areas of the Village. Anyone who has been to the Village as much as a week after a rain knows that the area in front of the JP building stays wet a long time. I am happy to report that work will soon begin on five of these problem areas. French drains and catch basins will be added, etc. to aid in moving the water away from walkways. This is a much needed improvement. It is good to have Priscilla Hale and Pat Taylor feeling well enough to be back at their posts in the Gift Shop. It is also good to know that we have such a great substitute in Annie Jacobs. If you have been in the Pickett House lately you might have seen a new face, Tammy Dorman. Welcome to the crew, Tammy! Have you called the Village at 283-2272 to volunteer to help with our tours? It isn’t too late since we have tours scheduled until late May. You would need several hours each of the tour days but you would not necessarily have to work during all the tours. Please give it some thought and give us a call. You‘ll be glad you did.


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