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Stories Added May 2010
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Effort To Remove Drugs From Woodville Streets Continues

Tyler County Booster

While we continue to expose our little portion of the drug world for exactly what it is, we must put the blame for substance abuse exactly where it belongs also. The ultimate decision to use illegal drugs belongs fully with the individual who makes that poor choice. Not parents, families, peer pressure, lack of knowledge, or any other excuse. There are no valid excuses! You already know that drug abuse will affect every long term aspect of your life. It is totally your choice. Be strong enough to make good choices! If you need help, there are lots of people you know that are enthusiastic about your success, such as; parents, teachers, counselors, principals, doctors, preachers, probation and law enforcement officers, judges, prosecutors. The list goes on and on, but more about that later. That being said, there are many behaviors by some parents and families that help make this brainless choice easier for their kids. To those parents, (I know this sounds dumb, but...) quit encouraging your kids to hang around your friends and family that are known drug dealers and users… no matter how long you have known them, no matter what school you went to with them, no matter what relation you are to them!!! Keep them away from your family! If your kids see that it is okay for you, they will use that as an excuse for it to be okay for them. While it is difficult to tell substance abusing friends and family they are no longer welcome, it is devastating to see your kids on a drug they cannot get off of. Parents, stop smoking marijuana! The excuses you make to abuse marijuana will be the same excuses your kids will use to justify Cocaine, Meth or PCP. These excuses won’t make any sense when they use them either. Help break this cycle. If you see a drug deal or suspicious activity, please call Law Enforcement. The dispatcher will need a location, description of the people involved, a complete description of what they drive (license plates are best, if possible), direction of travel when they leave, what they were doing, where they put it, etc. To report drug information, contact Officers Jeremy Byrum, Lawrence Hicks, or Jathan Borel at 409-283-3791 or 409-283-5262.

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