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Stories Added May 2010
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Sheriff’s Corner...

Tyler County Booster

As reported in last month’s Sheriff’s Corner, we recently started our own K-9 program where two of our deputies were paired with a dog each. These dogs and their handlers are being trained primarily for narcotics detection, but are also being trained in search and patrol duties as well. We have already seen results from this program, as two subjects were recently apprehended in their attempt to avoid arrest, and much of the credit for their capture goes to the fact we now have K-9’s as members of the Sheriff’s Office. Of course much more training is needed, and hopefully one day soon these K-9’s will become a routine asset we can rely upon. A question that has come up time and again for our Office is what can you, as a citizen do to legally protect yourself, another person, or your property from unlawful acts? The Texas Penal Code, Chapter 9, describes in detail what you as a citizen can or cannot do. The following is a broad overview based upon excerpts from said chapter. You are justified in protecting yourself, another person, or property in an instance where you REASONABLY believe it is IMMEDIATELY necessary to prevent an illegal act. But be forewarned, now, the following circumstances are NOT allowed, and will lead to your arrest if you attempt to claim self-defense against another, such as, that you were provoked by words only; if you provoke someone by your actions; if you attempt to approach another while holding or possessing a firearm to “talk” about your differences; or if someone simply walks onto your property. Common sense is the rule, so use some when acting under the guise of selfdefense. As described in the Penal Code, we at the Sheriff’s Office and the District Attorney’s Office fully support the concept of self-defense and a man who is protecting his own life, family, or property. It is highly advised though, that you familiarize yourself with Chapter 9 of the Texas Penal Code, or visit the following website at www.texaspolicecentral.com/ texaslaw.html to better understand the law and act accordingly

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