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Colmesneil Bond election results in split decision, provisional vote delay

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Colmesneil residents were split in their decision over whether or not to pass two bonds to raise homeowners taxes on homestead property, and consolidate and refinance two different building loans. According to school officials, this move would free up enough income to allow the school to maintain its current level of teachers, and programs offered to students. The propositions were: Proposition one: For the issuance of $1,725,000 of unlimited tax bonds to refund outstanding maintenance tax debt obligations pursuant to Texas Government Code Chapter 1207 and levying against the tax in payment thereof. Proposition two: The issuance of $900,000 of unlimited tax bonds to acquire or refinance property financed under contracts entered under subchapter A, Chapter 271, Texas local government code and levying against the tax in payment thereof. Proposition one passed by a vote of 216 for and 199 against. Proposition 2 failed by a vote of 212 against and 210 for. Colmesneil ISD Superintendent Stacy Ackley said, “We are unsure at this point whether or not we will ask for a recount. In addition to the close numbers, we had an issue with 20 provisional votes. “The county clerks office reviewed and accepted seven votes, but 13 votes were not accepted. If those voters protest the decision, this could change the outcome too.” Ackley added that the passage of proposition one took care of 4 of the 5 debts and was the larger of the two, freeing up approximately $275,000 in revenue. Proposition two would free up an additional $160,000 in revenue. In addition to the bond election, the three elected for school board were: Kris Lindsey, Kenneth Adaway and Kain Rawls.

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