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Donald Legg, indicted for double homicide, gets reduced bond, transfer, saving county $45,000

Tyler County Booster

Donald Legg, the 79-year old Louisiana man charged with double homicide in the shooting deaths of Preston Broom and Leo Broom was found incompetent to stand trial and was sentenced to North Texas State Hospital in Vernon on January 26. While at this hospital, Legg was tested and reported to be competent to stand trial. He was sent back to Tyler County on Thursday of last week. Tyler County Sheriff’s office immediately sent Legg back to Tyler County Hospital where he remains under the watch of a 24 hour armed guard, costing the county over $1000 per day. According to Tyler County Sheriff David Hennigan, Legg’s heart quit beating and he was resuscitated two times since his arrest. “The jail is not equipped for taking care of a prisoner in such poor health,” Hennigan said. On Monday, a hearing was held in the Tyler County District courtroom to determine if Legg could be transferred to a nursing facility. During sworn testimony, Hennigan said Tyler County did not have a nursing facility set up to care for a prisoner in Legg’s condition. “Texas Department of Criminal Justice recommended a nursing home in Fort Worth,” said Hennigan. “Legg could stay there until the trial, wearing an ankle bracelet serving as an electronic surveillance device.” Hennigan also testified that in order for Legg to be transferred, his $2,000,000 bond would have to be reduced to a conditional personal recognizance bond. The only way Medicaid will pay for him to be in the nursing home is for him to not be considered a prisoner. “I do not like this at all,” Hennigan said. “But we have no choice. The county cannot afford this and with the largest budget in the county I have to be responsible with the money,” Hennigan said. After hearing evidence and argument of counsel, Judge Earl Stover granted the application and ordered Legg to be sent immediately to Fort Worth Manor Nursing Home in Tarrant County where he must remain in and be restricted to the facility. Legg will only be allowed limited visitation with immediate family and his attorney. As a result of this ruling by Judge Stover, Tyler County will only incur the cost of the ankle bracelet, while Medicaid will pick up the rest of the tab for the care of Legg. The trial has been set for June 14 in Tyler County with Judge Earl Stover presiding.

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