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Sheriff’s Corner...

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Heard a good rumor lately? Due to the type work we do, it is near impossible for law enforcement officers to escape being part of the ‘rumor mill’. While the following job qualifications don’t show up in official job descriptions or employee training manuals, ‘thick skin’ and ‘a sense of humor’ are the unwritten ‘must-haves’ to a successful law enforcement career, especially one where you want to keep your sanity. With that in mind, I feel now is as good a time as any to put some of the more popular rumors to rest. First, as far as I know, there has been no new progress in the county’s attempt to build a new justice center. Right now, the majority of our Commissioner’s Court, when taking into consideration our current economic times, feel now would be an inappropriate time to burden the county citizens with additional taxes, such as a new jail tax, and that no one wants to pay more taxes. As a tax payer myself, I could not agree more… no one, including me, WANTS to pay more taxes. Show me a man who wants to pay more in taxes, and I’ll show you the next candidate for a mental hospital. With that being said, you the citizen should also be made aware that we are currently on pace to pay over a quarter-of-a-million dollars for this year alone to house our overflow of prisoners outside the county; the current budget set aside for this is only $150,000. You should also know we have now had to order two additional 40-foot shipping containers to store our overflow of files and evidence. As one of the members of Commissioner’s Court stated, “It’s cheaper than building a new justice center.” While that statement is true, it doesn’t change the fact the Justice Center is simply too small for the current needs of the county in this day and time. In a recent broadcast of our local radio station, a caller-in stated, he felt that I was not utilizing the current Justice Center to its fullest potential.

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