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Tyler County Booster - Local News
Stories Added - November 2009
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Ivanhoe Homeowners Association not to be dissolved with new Incorporation
Tyler County Booster - November 2009

The Booster reported in last week’s edition in a story on Ivanhoe and Ivanhoe North’s successful incorporation
election that as a result of that election, the Ivanhoe Homeowners association (IPOIA) would be dissolved, with the City taking over maintainance responsibilities. After the story appeared in the newspaper,
IPOIA Board of Directors member, and one of the newly elected City Commissioners, informed the Booster that our information was incorrect. She said that the IPOIA had not been dissolved, nor was their any intention of ever dissolving it. Her statement
“We appreciate the opportunity to clarify a misunderstanding
that was published in last weeks Booster. It was stated in the report of the recent election results in Ivanhoe and Ivanhoe North, that the Homeowners association, IPOIA, has been dissolved. The IPOIA has not been dissolved nor is there any intention of dissolving it in the future.
Due to a lawsuit brought by a group of property owners, and due to the way the deed restrictions are written for the different sections of Ivanhoe, as of 2012 the IPOIA would not have had sufficient income to maintain the subdivision, therefore we were faced with the necessity of incorporating as the only way to bring in the income necessary for that maintenance.
This is a complicated situation and we understand the confusion. If anyone has questions regarding this, please feel free to contact the members of the board of the IPOIA or the newly elected city officials.
Thanks again to the Booster for allowing us to clarify the issue.”
There seems to be a little confusion about this with some residents of Ivanhoe, and Bennet acknowledged it was a complex issue. She explained to me that even though there are now two cities, the IPOIA still owns the parks, lakes and roads within the new cities and that the IPOIA will eventually deed the roads to the city so that new entity can maintain them. However, the parks and lakes will remain the property of the IPOIA and will remain private. Those who want to continue to use the parks and lakes will still have to pay fees to the IPOIA to use these private facilities.
After the city begins collecting taxes, Bennett explained, the fees to be a member of the IPOIA will be significantly reduced.
She also explained because the city will not be able to collect taxes until 2011, the IPOIA will continue collecting the existing fees until that time for the upkeep of the city.


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