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Tyler County Booster - Local News
Stories Added - November 2009
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Readers and advertisers continue to rely on local weekly newspapers
Tyler County Booster - November 2009

I’m sure you’ve read about the decline of big newspapers across the country, and I believe it is newsworthy to report some real statistics on the majority of American newspapers and the positive impact they are still having on their communities. Despite all the doom and gloom, community newspapers like the Tyler County Booster, which account for most newspapers in this country, are doing very well. First of all, 80 percent of America’s newspapers have a circulation of 15,000 or less. That equates to 8000 small weekly papers in America. In addition, 86 million Americans read those community newspapers every week. Of those who read the paper, 90 percent are employed and they share their paper with at least two people each week and keep the paper more than a week, spending 40 minutes a week, on average, reading the paper. Business owners are particularly impacted by this information.

We all have to work harder and smarter to stay in business in today’s economy. With conflicting reports, some have slowed down or quit advertising in the local paper. I strongly believe it is from misinformation about the best advertising value and the reason it is important to advertise regularly. People in the community learn about promotions and decide where to buy after reading ads in the paper. Advertisers need to realize that not only are the newspaper audience people who make regular purchases, but they are constantly changing. The argument “everyone knows me” does not work because people forget or people die; people move in and people move out of the community constantly.

And, of those who stay put, their situations are changing constantly. Today they may not need or want your product or service, but tomorrow that could all change. Keeping a presence in the paper is a must to stay profitable in business and statistics show it is the very best value for your money.Every business should consider the five main reasons to advertise and then decide what percentage they will invest in advertising and where to best spend it. The number one reason to advertise is of course to sell a product or service. Second, you need to re-enforce an old buyers business. Creating “top of mind” awareness advertising for your business will last years after your campaign is over (How many of you can still name all the ingredients of a Big Mac?). Another reason to advertise is to send a message to current or potential employees and finally, it is an excellent way to talk to the community. In an annual readership study conducted by the National Newspaper Association, 60 percent say the newspaper is the primary source of information about the local community and 69 percent either somewhat agree or strongly agree that advertising inserts help them make purchasing decisions.

That same percentage also prefers to read newspaper ads than view ads on the internet. Even more (79 percent) prefer to look at newspaper ads than watch ads on television. PRINT NEWSPAPER ADS DRIVE ONLINE TRAFFIC AND PURCHASES: Consumer research conducted by Clark, Martire & Bartolomeo

and commissioned by Google, states that among people who research products and services after seeing them advertised in the newspapers, 67 percent follow up by researching the product online. Of that group, nearly 70 percent of consumers actually make a purchase following their additional research.

NEWSPAPER READERS RESPOND TO ADS IN THEIR NEWSPAPER: Fifty- six percent of respondents either researched or purchased at least one product they saw in the newspaper in the last month. Forty-eight percent said that seeing a product in the newspaper after seeing it online would make them trust the product more and be more likely to purchase, illustrating the value of reaching the same customer through multiple media. Fifty-two percent said they would be more likely to purchase the product because they saw it first in their own local paper.

I am happy to report that your local newspaper, along with 7999 other weekly newspapers in the country, is going strong. We are committed to partnering with our readers and advertisers to provide the best possible coverage of Tyler County in news and advertising.


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