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Tyler County Booster - Local News
Stories Added - October 2009
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Sheriff’s Corner...
Tyler County Booster - October 2009

by Tyler County Sheriff David Hennigan

First, I know a topic of interest for a few of our citizens would be the death of six-month old Brandel Goebel. The case is still under investigation due to the fact we still have not received back the official autopsy report, and it would be inappropriate for myself or any member of my Office to comment until the medical examiner makes their findings known to us. Once we have this report, and it is appropriate to do so, I will release a public information statement for dissemination to the media. Second, I want to acknowledge certain groups of people in our county that I feel go overlooked at times for the contributions they make. The men and women I speak of do not receive monetary compensation for their services. Yet at times they risk their own safety, and provide services throughout the county.

I am speaking of the Sheriff’s Posse and the numerous Volunteer Firefighters we have here in Tyler County. The Sheriff’s Posse, reinstituted under former Sheriff Jessie Wolf with equipment funded by the Commissioner’s Court, is the primary Search-and-Rescue organization we call on to locate missing persons, and are activated on calls for assistance by my Office. Earlier last month, many of you may have seen the Sheriff’s Posse at the fairgrounds, where they volunteered their services in creating an organized parking area for county residents to better enjoy their experience at the County Fair. The $1 donation many of you made will go to better equip the Posse, since they are a non-profit organization, and just possibly could be used to save you or someone you care for. Many of you recognize or know that all firefighting in our county is made up of volunteers, with stations that are placed in numerous locations around the county. The men and women that make up our volunteer firefighters in my opinion exemplify the human desire to help others. In almost every emergency situation throughout the county, you will find a volunteer firefighter ready to save your home or loved ones, or simply to assist. On many occasions, many law enforcement officers have found themselves overwhelmed with the duties at hand until the timely arrival of a volunteer fireman ready to lend that helping hand. To each and every one of you, words of thanks are sometimes not enough for all that you do, and it is people such as yourselves that make this county as great as it is. Finally, to all the players, sponsors, and volunteers who participated in our 1st Annual Tyler County Sheriff’s Office Golf Tournament at Wildwood; a hearty thank you from all of us at the Sheriff’s Office. The proceeds that you helped generate will provide at least one $500 scholarship to a deserving student at each of our five high schools in Tyler County. While the safety of Tyler County and her citizens are our number one priority, I would hope this would demonstrate another aspect of your Sheriff’s Office and our interest in the education of our youth.


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