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Stories Added September 2010
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Sheriff’s Corner

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Of the many calls that come into our Office, a few are complaints concerning the lack of speed in which crimes are solved in the county. I understand that when the crime happens to you, no matter how large or small, it is a significant event to you and your family. No matter what you may hear in the ‘rumor mills’, or from those who act like they know what they are talking about when they really don’t, we here at the Sheriff’s Office sincerely want to solve any crime that has been committed in our county. While I realize that on some of the TV ‘cop shows’, the bad guy is caught within an hour (with commercials), in the real world it’s simply not always that fast. The fact is we only have 12 full-time road deputies to cover 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Our deputies work 12-hour shifts, 4 days a week on an 8-day work cycle, which also gives us an additional 100+ work hours a year per deputy, versus a typical 40-hour workweek. What all this translates out to is an average of only 3 deputies working any given shift with a geographical work area that exceeds over 900 square miles. Add in only 1 full-time investigator that the deputies have to fall back on should the crime become more investigation-intensive, and now you can start to realize just how busy our office can be, especially considering the fact that due to our depressed economy, crime is on the increase. Am I making excuses for laziness or a lack of caring? – Absolutely not, because it is something I will not tolerate, and the volume of work our deputies currently perform is indicative of that fact. My reason for making this the primary topic in this month’s Sheriff’s Corner is to illustrate just how hard our deputies, dispatchers, jailers, and support staff are working to keep you safe, and I could not be prouder of their work ethic and sincere desire to protect and serve Tyler County. On a similar subject concerning those in the County who like to complain, accusations of racism have been thrown at our department recently. When I was running for Sheriff, I heard (white) people say such remarks as, “If I was black, that (crime) would have been solved right away…”, referring to former Sheriff Wolf being black and showing preferential treatment to other blacks. Now that I am Sheriff, I’ve heard some play the race card against me, but as a white Sheriff. Former Sheriff Wolf and I have had talks on this subject, and we both agree conclusively, that those of you who believe race is a factor as to whether or not law is enforced equally or a crime is investigated thoroughly – you are idiots. Where the law is concerned and by Sheriff’s Office policy, we do not see color and the only persons who have a problem with skin color are those of you making the false accusations. There is enough wrong in today’s society, than to be slinging around slanderous untruthful remarks, causing more problems when you do so, when we should be working as one to make our county the best it can possibly be. Finally, as most of you have noticed, school is back in session, so please make sure you observe the school zones in your area and their posted speed limits, as well as the new law that took effect last year concerning the use of cell phones while operating your vehicle in school zones. Our deputies as well as all other Tyler County law enforcement will be strictly enforcing these laws. Since this type of violations involves the safety of our children, I would not expect too much in the way of leniency to be shown. Until next month, may God bless you in all things, and keep you and yours safe.

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