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Stories Added September 2010
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An Accident Prone Stretch Of Highway?

Tyler County Booster

by C.D. Woodrome,

Rebuilding his roadside fence is quite common for Mike Breaux. TYCO Feed has also had to replace fencing several times. Both have property located just south of the Woodville city limits bordering a section of Hwy. 69/287 roadway that has become notorious for accidents. Breaux says he has had to rebuild his fence at least a dozen times in the past two years as a result of drivers skidding on the pavement. Within the past month he has had to replace portions of his fence twice. TYCO has placed temporary fencing where a truck with four teenagers skidded across the ditch flipped over during rainy weather on August 30, and knocked down the fence. Breaux has already repaired the section of his fence damaged by an 18 wheeler when it skidded off the roadway on Sept. 3, during rainy conditions. About a month earlier a driver traveling southbound on Hwy. 69/287 between Parker Lumber and TYCO had skidded across the northbound lanes of the roadway following a rain shower and knocked down about 50 feet of his fencing. Breaux said each time it happens he has to deal with insurance companies to cover the cost of rebuilding the fence. Another concern is the livestock in his pasture. Each time the fence is knocked down, it opens up the possibility of horses or cattle getting through the opening and causing a hazard to traffic. Thankfully that has not happened yet. He has been home each time a wreck occurred. Denise Lilly at TYCO feed said they have had to replace the fencing at the business four times that she knows of after everything from a van to a boat and trailer skidded into the fence during inclement weather. The accidents along the quarter mile stretch of roadway seem to occur during rainy conditions. Additional accidents occur further south on Hwy 69/287 between TYCO and Childress Monument, but those are mostly related to traffic turning into driveways or side roads and occur during dry as well as wet weather. Janet Manley, traffic study engineer for the Texas Dept. of Transportation in the Beaumont office said Friday, following the 18 wheeler wreck that she would have to research the accident reports that are filed through the Dept. of Public Safety to determine how many accidents have occurred on that particular stretch of roadway. Marc Shepherd, public spokesman for the Dept. of Transportation office in Beaumont responding to the question of an experimental road material being used on that stretch of roadway, said the only material the Dept. used between Woodville and Hillister is a composite which is designed to drain water from the surface. As a follow up, Shepherd said he would be in contact with Patrick Ryan, the District Engineer in Jasper who is responsible for roads and rights-of-way for the Dept. of Transportation for Tyler County. Ryan was not available for comment as this article went to press. Thus far, none of the accidents which have occurred between TYCO Feed and Parker Lumber have been fatal.

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