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Stories Added September 2010
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Harmony Exporters to headline at The Summit Saturday

Tyler County Booster

The Harmony Exporters men’s barbershop chorus will perform at the SUMMIT in Woodville, on Saturday, September the 18th. The men’s group chart e r e d a s members in SPEBQSA in December of 1962. The initials stand for Society for Preservation and Encouragement of Barber shop Quartet Singing in America. Now you know why we used initials. Recently the society headquarters moved from Kenosha, Wisconsin to Nashville, Tennessee and changed the name to Barbershop Harmony Society. We still sing great barbershop harmony. You will be treated to 25 to 30 men singing “Songs of the Silver Screen” in Act I. The Act I quartets will be Driftwood, Uncle Sam’s Nephews and the Family Tradition Vocal Emission (1st Edition) Band. That last group will feature father & son, father & grandson and father & stepchild. Ten great singers, well worth the admission all by itself. Act II will be the featured quartet JUST RITE. Act III will be “On Top of the World”. Quartets in the last act will be Dudes of Durango and a reprise by Driftwood. Keeping with our standard practice of bringing wholesome and G rated entertainment we know you will find something that will be very pleasing. The concert starts at 7 p.m. and tickets at the door will be $10.

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