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‘Hay Hotline’ helping drought striken Texas ranchers get access to free hay

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As drought conditions continue in Texas, both ranchers and their livestock are suffering with a shortage of hay in the state. Thanks to the Texas Department of Agriculture, finding hay might just get a lot easier. The Texas Department of Agriculture has a “Hay Hotline” on their website that has been reorganized to help Texas farmers and ranchers during the drought. This particular site location, www.texasagriculture.gov was intended to help connect those who have hay, with those who need hay. Now, it is also being used to help those suffering from drought to get access to free hay. The following listings are on the site now. Gary McQuewen in Nevada 775-237-5326 Mixed Grass; Mike Gunn in Alabama 251-533-2103 Mixed Grass; Sue Sibbion in Wisconsin 608-799-2537 Mixed Grass/ Clover; Duncan Freche` in Louisiana 985-878- 9215 Bahia; Mark Smith in Kentucky 336-202-3368 Alfalfa; Tom Snodgrass in South Carolina 803-222-8461 Mixed Grass; and John Kuyers in Michigan 616-862-3133 Mixed Grass. For more information, call 1-877-429-1998.

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