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Tyler County Sheriff’s department wins $130,000 grant

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With local government budgets stretched to the breaking point because of the economic woes of the last few years, a grant for the Tyler County Sheriff ’s Department to upgrade their computer software is good news. An outright grant that comes at no cost to the county is even better. Eighteen months ago, Sheriff David Hennigan went to the Tyler County commissioners for approval to pursue a grant offered by the Sheriff ’s Association of Texas and distributed by Department of Public Safety for new computer software for the Sheriff ’s department. T This week, the Sheriff ’s Department will be installing the $130,000 software, which includes: Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD), Jail Management System ( JMS) and Records Management System (RMS). Trainers from North Carolina will be at the Sheriff ’s Department next week to train employees. “This new software is going to greatly improve our employees ability to manage the jail, dispatch and records keeping,” said Sheriff David Hennigan. “In addition to our improved record keeping abilities, we will be able to integrate our records with Hardin and Polk Counties, who already have this software. Crosscounty cooperation always improves the law enforcement abilities of the agencies involved.”

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