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Tyler County Stories: Places you might not have known about

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by Emily Waldrep

If you have lived in Tyler County for long, you may have noticed the long, white fence on Highway 1013 between Spurger and Hillister. But, many people don’t know that it is actually solid concrete, and one of the longest solid concrete fences in the entire state. The ranch that the fence surrounds is a rolling 5,600 acres, and the concrete fence runs nearly 3 miles down the highway, as well as throughout the massive property. Besides the fence, the ranch itself is actually quite remarkable. Many Tyler County have heard about Timberline Ranch, but don’t know anything about what lies in its gates. The main home on the ranch is an antebellum-type house with a large statue of a bull out front. The ranch has 5 lakes, all planned and built by the owner, Walter Umphrey. The lakes are large, and range in size from 15 to 54 acres. Timberline Ranch also boast 1.1 million square feet of greenhouses dedicated to growing colorful, seasonal flowers that are shipped to local Wal-Marts and Lowes stores, 1,700 acres of cattle pasture and 1,800 acres of high fenced deer pasture. Not many people get to visit Timberline Ranch, but those that do remember it for a lifetime and it is one of the most interesting and beautiful ranches in the county.

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