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Pokémon & Ingress get bench at Chester City Hall

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by Michael G. Maness

Mayor Floyd Petri convened the Chester City Council Monday evening, July 3, at its regular meeting time as reported by Petri in an interview after the meeting. Chester City Secretary Annette Hickman read the minutes of the previous meeting that were summarily approved, as were the financials for the city and the Chester Gas System. The council voted to pay the bills. They discussed and approved the employee insurance with the Texas Municipal League for another year. Petri gave a report on the progress of the city park. They are still progressing on improving the lighting. He reported that City tor of Public Works Dale Clamon was given the go-ahead to get a new meter box, circuit breakers, and other items so that the citizens of Chester will have an opportunity to have lights for about less than $10 per use against the previous $400 that it was costing the city. Petri mentioned that the city park had been used for a softball tournament. Petri did not know the details of the tourney, but he had reports that they were very pleased with the progress of the park and looking forward to more use. Petri brought up the idea of a park bench to be placed outside of the city hall, especially for Pokémon players. He mentioned he had some Facebook traffic that there were not any activities for young people in Chester. He knows several Pokémon players, which was one inspiration for a bench. He had spied a nice looking bench for $126 that had artwork imbedded with the American and Texas flags and the state of Texas. Pokémon has a "stop" at the city hall, as does Ingress, both international games based upon geography with game points at civic and cultural sites all over the world. Ingress points are called "portals," and Ingress sites were the backbone for Pokémon, both created by the same company. However, not all on the council were in favor of the bench, so Petri offered to pay for it himself, a small investment to increase traffic and make the city premises more user friendly. Interestingly, both Pokémon "stops" and Ingress "portals" can be found all over every city all over the world. In Chester alone, you will find them at the city hall, Mason's lodge, the post office, churches and more to come. Woodville has about 50 sites, and there may be 400-plus "stops" and "portals" all over Tyler County.

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