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Local boy’s dream vacation comes true thanks to Make-A-Wish Foundation


CORRIGAN -- During theSummer time we all wish fora dream vacation. Well oneCorrigan boy got his wish.Travis Bell Jr., a soon to befifth grade student at Corrigan-Camden Elementary School,had a wish of going to Hawaiifor vacation and thanks to theMake-A-Wish Foundation hisdream came true.Travis was diagnosed with All T-cell Acute Leukemia onDecember 20, 2010 and as ofnow he is in remission but willstill continue his chemotherapytill 2014. He has been in remissionsince June 2011.This specific type of leukemiastarts in the blood and bone marrow.According to Travis Sr., it cancause tumors and growths and ifnot diagnosed soon enough canbe fatal.Rebecca Bell (his mother)said that he had developed a rashon his hand in December 2010and then a couple days later hestarted vomiting. Rebecca andher husband Travis Sr. took littleTravis to the doctor where theyperformed a x-ray and did bloodwork.The doctor called the Bell’s at6 p.m. that evening and he toldthem to go to Texas Children’sHospital immediately.The doctor told Rebecca andTravis Sr. that their son had leukemia.They were devastated butwere staying strong for littleTravis’ sake.The doctor told them that littleTravis had a white cell bloodcount of 420,000 and the regularis white cell count is 9,000-10,000.“I remember some things butalot I don’t remember,” statedlittle Travis.“The doctor said that Traviswould be in the hospital for sixto eight weeks and he got out insix days,” stated Travis Sr.Rebecca said that it was allthe prayers little Travis receivedthat helped him to leave thatquick.


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