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New city attorney, no city manager


CORRIGAN -- The Corrigan City Council hired a new city attorney but know have to fi nd a new city manager. Luan Tatum, attorney from Lufkin, was hired by the city council last week. Council member Johnna Lowe made the motion, Brooks seconded the motion and Earlie Baldwin, Lowe and Johnnie Brooks vot-ed for Tatum. George Murphy voted against and Irene Thomp-son did not vote. Murphy felt like there were key points in hiring a city attor-ney and that the council should look at who other cities have as attorneys and take a little more time with the hiring“We need to fi nd someone that has experience in munici-See C.HAPPENINGS page 2pal law and we also need to think about getting someone that has no confl ict of interest with the city,” stated Murphy.Lowe stated that Tatum has been an attorney for 36-38 years and is very intelligent and has been a city attorney for Huntington in the pastBrooks made the comment that she would like to put em-ployee evaluations on the next regular meeting agenda. Former Corrigan City Man-ager Eva Perry resigned last week wanting to further her career in criminal justice. She had been the city manager since March 2011. The council will hold a meet-ing this week to discuss the city manager position


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