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Talk of the Town
Corrigan Times

By Anna Young

CORRIGAN -- The month of March is in the second week, isn’t it good when the month starts on a Sunday or Monday, a loving Father, good weather, sunshine, mild winds, good friends and thankfulness for another chance in the land of the living. Tuesday the Corrigan Community Association came together in their monthly meeting with one of their major discussions regarding scholarships, I do hope all applications for scholarships regardless to the organization have been sent in. What is this business coming to? First they paint the church, then they burn the church next they rob then they go shooting in the church and now the members automobiles are broken into and stolen while worship services are in progress. Did I say Satan’s angles are alive and not so well? Just who are these people anyway? Where have I been? I went to purchase a donut and the price drove me out of the shop, I could not believe my ears, am I living in another time? It was good to hold Mrs. Kathryn Davis in my arms this week and hear her say “I have missed seeing you” did this heart good. She is still the same sweet lady. Robert “DD” Wyatt is home again, good to have you back home again. Theo Greene will be graduating from academy training the week of the twenty-first, please keep him in your prayers. The bees and wasp make their home in the most unusual places, like your rural mailboxes, I have noticed the mail carriers are having a hard time just trying to place our mail in our rural boxes, my plea would you please check to see if there is a nest near by or in you rural mail box. Please let us protect our carrier from this danger. Did you read of the two oldest people in the US passed away this week in a matter of hours of each other not knowing each other ages one hundred thirteen and one hundred fourteen years of age, how great is that? The sad news reached my ears of the passing of Ms. Blanch Cloud, and Bonnie Rawls this week. When you enter your prayer closet this week please remember Ms. Gwendolyn Mays, Ms. Shelia Wilson both in the hospital and others I haven’t the names of also other bereaved families. Thought: At the start of the day take a moment to say a greeting to God with a prayer, Let your thoughts fill with love as you praise Him above for His Fatherly ways and His care... Then all through the hours, through sunshine and showers through smiles, as well as through tears in all that you do He will stay close to you doubling joys and dissolving your fears and when the day is through and you stop and review each blessing and every event thank GOD with a prayer for His love and His care, and your day will end wonderfully spent. Prayer: Our heavenly Father, we come to thee in humble worship and thanksgiving allowing us another opportunity in the land of the living. We are grateful for the opportunities for service which come with the new day. We pray for strength to overcome evil and perform our task you have before us. May we show the spirit of the master in all we think say and do? Bless our absent friends and loved ones, and keep them in thy holy will. Remember in mercy the tempted and tried and afflicted ones, and sustain them by thy grace. Bless those in authority in our state and nation with wisdom to know the strength to do your will and your will only. Sustain those who labor for the establishment of thy kingdom at home and abroad, and hasten the time when all men may know and obey thee our Father and we ask it all in the name of Your Son and our Savior Jesus Christ.... Amen And that’s the way it was the week of March 7, 2010 ..... Anna


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