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No. 844 comes through Corrigan


CORRIGAN — High speed rail may seem like a new idea, but Steam Locomotive No. 844 has been hauling — well, everything — across North America at speeds of up to or even exceeding 100 miles per hour long before air travel, ac-cording to Ed Dickens, Union Pacifi c Steam Team leader and Engineer on this trip. No. 844 was the last steam locomotive built for Union Pa-cifi c. It was delivered in 1944 and it pulled many of the spe-cialty trains such as the Over-land Limited, the Los Angeles Limited, the Portland Rose and Challenger. The vintage locomotive has never been retired, Dickens said.When diesel engines took over much of the passenger train duties, No. 844 was used for freight. It was saved from the scrap yard for special service. It is now nicknamed Union Pacifi c’s “Living Legend”. The engine and tender weigh 454 tons and are just over 114 feet long. The boiler has an inside diam-eter of 86 inches and the loco-motive carries 23,500 gallons of water. The trip to Houston is the fi -nal event for the year celebrat-ing Union Pacifi c’s 150th An-niversary. Now that you’ve met No. 844, you can visit www.up150.com if you would like to order souvenir merchandise, learn more about that particular engine or Union Pacifi c’s history.


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