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Hudson Daycare closed due to injury to Corrigan infant


HUDSON -- Due to a Corrigan infant suffering a fractured skull after falling off of a changing table, the state department has closed a Hudson daycare after fi nding workers negligent in the case. Taylor Sullivan, of Corrigan, said her nine-month-old baby, Raegan, fell off the table on Sept. 7 and she did not learn of the fall until two days later when one of the workers mentioned the fall to her. The report states the daycare director did not contact the parents the next day when she saw a “mushy” bump on the baby’s head. Sullivan said they took her child to the hospital and learned she had suffered a fractured skull and was then the infant was rushed by ambulance to a Shreveport hospital. Jessica Bridwell, owner of Wild About Kids Daycare, located at 3381 Ted Trout Drive, said she could not comment on the case due to the fact that it is an ongoing investigation. The Department of Family and Protective Services shut down the daycare on Friday and the daycare did not know when it would re-open. On the DFPS website, a compliance report entered on Nov. 12 alleges enough information to fi nd for neglect. “A caregiver left a nine month old infant unsupervised on the changing table. The infant fell approximately 3.2 feet to the concrete fl oor and sustained a fractured skull and subdural hematoma,” the report states. “Management was aware of the infant falling to the fl oor and the injury on the infant’s head the next day. Management chose to not notify parents or seek medical care on both days,” according to the report. The report also alleges a torn changing table, lack of background checks on two caregivers, not using a safety strap on the table and improper training. Hudson Police Chief Jimmy Casper said police have a case at the district attorney’s offi ce pending their review to determine if charges will be fi led. The charge pending is seconddegree injury to a child. Below are details on the allegations fi led on the website: 1. “The changing table in the infant room was torn causing it to no longer be non-absorbent. This must be corrected immediately.” 2. “Two caregivers responsible for supervising a group of children did not have a background check ran. Please have the background checks submitted by the date listed above.” 3. “This standard was evaluated based on a report received and was found to be defi cient. The diaper changing table has a safety strap on it, but was not used by the caregiver. Picture was taken. The caregiver stated she kept her hand out near the changing table; however, her hand was not placed on the infant to prevent the infant from falling.” 4. “A caregiver counted in child/caregiver ratio and providing care for children younger than 24 months of age did not receive the required one hour of pre-service training in: - Recognizing and preventing shaken baby syndrome - Preventing Sudden Infant Death Syndrome This must be corrected immediately.” 5. “Based on preponderance there is enough information to fi nd for neglect. 6. “A caregiver did not demonstrate good judgment when she left an active 9 month old infant unsupervised on the changing table, allowing the infant to fall to the fl oor. The director did not demonstrate good judgment when she chose to not contact the parent when the incident occurred and again chose to not contact the parents the next day when a “mushy” bump was observed on the infant’s head.” The infant has to continually go to Houston for doctor visits and is still receiving medical attention for the injury.


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