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Let the restoration begin for the CHC


Special to the Times

CORRIGAN -- After three long years of planning, plotting and proposing, coupled with anxious anticipation and bouts of occasional hopelessness the fi rst phase of restoration of the future “Corrigan Heritage Center” is set to commence in the very near future. Contractors have been selected and at long last progress is on the horizon. The Corrigan Community Service League (CCSL) is the sole owner of the property, previously known as—depending on your age--the “old Bergman store”, the “old Saxon store”, a “jamboree” junction, “spook house”, mechanic shop, or a storehouse for Durham’s “collectibles”— located at 101 West Front Street. The property was purchased from Dewayne and Debbi Durham by the City of Corrigan in 2009 under the leadership of then City Manager Mandy Risinger. The City and the CCSL planned to partner in an effort to increase local heritage awareness through education, as well as add to local revenue from the promotion of Heritage Tourism in our area, while preserving one of Corrigan’s few remaining original structures. The City’s ownership of the property proved to be an obstacle for securing certain funding and it became necessary that the CCSL own the property outright to proceed with the project. The CCSL submitted a sealed bid to the City of Corrigan and the sale was approved by the council on October 16, 2012. While we are anxious for some cosmetic improvements, the fi rst phase will probably be the least noticeable, but is defi nitely the most crucial. It is not the League’s intent to simply dress up a pig, or put a Band-Aid on a gaping wound. The structure is in dire need of foundational repairs, stabilization and roofi ng. Unfortunately, given the age and original construction of the building, simply placing a new fl oor and roof material just won’t do. Many materials in the form of lumber, blocks and metal will be needed. The Corrigan Community Service League is a 501(c)3 Non-profi t Organization. The fi rst phase of this project will be funded solely through local donations already received. Many individuals have expressed an interest in seeing the Corrigan Heritage Center come to life and it will take the commitment of everyone interested to make this happen. Tax-deductible monetary donations or donations of needed materials are imperative to move to the next phase of the project. For more information contact Kelly Shadix at 936-635-6348, or Thelma “Tutti” Stanford at (936) 229-0534. Donations, memorials, or honorariums, can also be made at Citizens State Bank to the Corrigan Community Service League/History Project account. Make History—Be a Part of the Restoration Project!


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