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C-CISD board holds meeting


Contributing Reporter

CORRIGAN -- Corrigan-Camden Independent School District (CCISD) held their regular board meeting Monday October 8, at 7 p.m., with an ear-lier meeting planned to review plans for the elementary and ju-nior high school improvements. There were many other activities going on at school, year book sales, cheer leader practice and parents of seniors meeting to discuss scholarship opportuni-ties that mostly staff attended the pre-meeting. Wes Blackwood, with Kim Neal Associates (KNA) returned with specifics and a proposal for upgrading, replacing and main-tenance of the HVAC systems throughout the district. There are over 100 units, more than 50 are 20 plus years ole, with another 30 being 15 years old, all use R22 refrigerant, which is now extremely expensive and hard to find. . They represent several different manufacturers and that increases maintenance costs and challenges to school maintenance personnel. Addi-tionally the report addressed en-ergy savings not only of replac-ing HVAC equipment, but also re-working lighting throughout; for example present gym lights are heat producing, take time to warm up during an electrical blink out, leaving the gym in the dark for several minutes during each occurrence. Existing fix-tures can be retro fitted to the new slimmer bulbs and ballasts, increasing visibility and lower-ing overall electric costs. To-tal costs estimated at $800,000 would be paid for with a 15 year finance note at 3 percent interest. The school will also apply for a SECO, energy conservation grant, seeking $100,000 to fund part of the program, should it be funded it would reduce the over-all cost. After discussions and ques-tions, the board voted to sign a letter of intent, which will lead to a formal contract to be submitted for approval of terms and condi-tions, at a future meeting. Sherry Hughes, Curriculum Advisor for CCISD, explained the Campus Improvement Pro-gram, the State requirements set minimum test scores for primar-ily reading and math. Currently expected levels are; reading FY 11/12 87 percent to pass, 12/13 93 percent to pass, in math fy 11/12 83 percent to pass, fy 12/13 92 percent to pass. Current scores and performance goals for Junior High this year are; Reading ELA all students 80% - goal 82%; Reading ELA His-panic 84% - goal 86%; Reading ELA Economically Disadvan-taged 77% goal 79%, Math All Students 68% goal 72%, Math Hispanic 72% goal 76%, and Math Economically disadvan-taged 64% goal 68%. At the el-ementary school the results are; Reading ELA All students 78% goal 815, Reading ELA African-American 71% goal 745, Read-ing Hispanic 75% goal 78%, Reading Economically Disad-vantaged 74% goal 77%, Math All students 67% goal 71%, Math African-American 54% goal 59%, Math Hispanic 72% goal 75%, Math White 73% goal 76%, Math economically disadvantaged 61% goal 65%. This year grades 11 and 12 will take TAKS tests, grades 3 through 10 will take the STARR tests; the testing is expected to be a hot issue in the Legisla-ture as during the recent TASB (Texas Association of School Boards) meeting testing and re-sults were discussed widely and also during the Superintendents sessions some issues were dis-cussed to request legislative ac-tion. In other action the board ap-proved a contract with Lufkin Regional Day School for the Deaf, while there are no current students needing these services, each year the district enters into a contract to be prepared should a need arise. The board also approved adding Marie Purke as a signa-tory on the bank accounts at Cit-izens State bank, and to remove Martha Thompson from those same accounts. Approval of CCISAA EIA (Local) STARR/EOC, requiring that 15 percent of the final grade will be determined by the End of Course (EOC) test, this is a mandated item. Financial reports were re-viewed and vouchers approves. Superintendent Tom Bowman reported that the yearly audit is almost complete and then the district will have final FY 11/12 fund balances to start the Octo-ber reports, board members re-quested that the type of reports available from the accounting program, be reviewed to deter-mine what might be available for ease of use and clarity of some items. There was no need for an Executive session so the meet-ing adjourned at 8:10 p.m.


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