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Early voting began Monday and will end Nov. 2


LIVINGSTON —Early vot-ing by personal appearance for the Nov. 6 General Election be-gan Oct. 22 and will continue through Nov. 2. Voters can cast their ballots during normal business hours at any of the early voting location in their county and may fi nd it more convenient than being limited to their Precinct location on Election Day. Polk County voters can cast early ballots at any of the fol-lowing locations: •Polk County Courthouse•Subcourthouse in Onalaska, • Sechrest Webster Center in Corrigan.Voters should also be remind-ed that even if you vote straight party ticket, you can vote for a single candidate in a different party further down the ballot. For example, if you indicate you wish to vote a straight party Republican ticket (the fi rst option on the ballot); but you would also like to vote for the Green Party candidate for United States Senator, Da-vid B. Collins, you can simply mark you choice in the Senate race and it will shift your vote from the GOP candidate to Mr. Collins. Selecting a straight party op-tion does not prevent you from choosing a candidate from an opposing party or a write-in candidate in any of the 21 races on the ballot. Voters who meet require-ments to cast a mail ballot must have their applications returned to the County Clerk’s offi ce by Oct. 30. The application must be received in the clerk’s offi ce by mail, not post marked by that date.


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