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Corrigan begins rate increase process, hears citizen concerns


Enterprise staff

CORRIGAN — Mayor Wayne Geeslin called the meeting to order promptly at 6 p.m. after a public hearing on grant proposals. Coun-cil members Johnnie Marie Brooks and Johnna Lowe were absent. With a quorum the meeting began.The citizens’ forum led off with Mr. Alvin Freeman re-lating that during the recent Mayoral, City Council elec-tion he was told his ballot did not count because an election judge said he could not au-thenticate Mr. Freeman’s sig-nature, when he questioned City personnel Mr. Freeman was told no changes could be made after the judge ruled and his ballot was not counted. Mr. Freeman said he called Austin Elections Division and was told that this ruling was false and that no signatures had to be validated to vote. Mr. Freeman asked Coun-cil members to ensure that election judges and their staff are properly trained so that this cannot happen again in Corrigan or any where in the United States. Mr. Leonard Butler spoke next saying he was embar-rassed when challenged by a council member during his remarks at the last meeting, he apparently was chided for using the term ‘you people’ that irked a council member. The council had been ad-monished during the public forum for using that expres-sion. Next there was a discus-sion about a parking prob-lem former Police Chief Ray Stubbs had advised Council of in July, at which time he reported that trucks, trailers and chip trailers are parking on Hwy. 287 East across from Rayburn Drive and, accord-ing to Stubbs, drivers coming up the grade have very limited vision. Council voted to de-clare this area a “No Parking” zone, now the matter will go to TxDOT for final approval.Mayor Geeslin made the first reading on proposed changes to water, sewerage and garbage collection fees. There will be two more read-ings on these three amend-ments to Ordinances in Chap-ter 6, Article 13.200 sections 13.201, 13.202, and 13.203. the new rates proposed are:Water RatesInside the city, single residence: Minimum (0-2,000 gals.) $15Additional per 1,000 3.25Multi-family/CommmercialMinimum (0-2,000 gals.) $20.30 All over 2,000 gals.Per 1,000 gals $4.25Outside the City Single family residence:Minimum (0-2,000 gals) $18.30Additional gals. $4.25Multi-family/commercialMinimum (0-2,000) gals $21.60All over 2,000 gals. Per 1,000 gals $4.55Sanitary Sewer RatesInside the city single residenceMinimum (0-2,000 gals.) $15Additional per 1,000 $3.25Multi-family/commercialMinimum (0-2,000 gals.) $20.30Additional 1,000 gals $4.25Outside the City Limits, Single family residenceMinimum (0-2,000 gals) $18.30Additional 1,000 gals $4.25Multi-family/commercialMinimum (0-2,000 gals.) $21.60Additional 1,000 gals $4.55Refuse Collection Rates1- All residents within the city limits will pay $17.00, plus tax, for twice a week pickup.2- Residential customers out-side the City will pay a monthly rate of $22, plus tax, for twice weekly pickup3- All business/commercial es-tablishments will pay a monthly fee depending on this schedule: Pick Ups Per Week Charge2 times a week 293 times a week 344 times a week 39There will be two more readings at regular city counconcernscil meeting before these rates are implemented.The matter of a process or procedure to use for the hir-ing of a new police chief was discussed. Council member George Murphy expressed concerns that council should wait until a new city manager is in place and that the new person certainly should be part of the process, council agreed and took no action on the matter.Minutes from both July meetings were approved, fi-nancials reviewed. Interim City Manger Grimes Fortune reported that Hyde and Hos-pital Streets have been paved, header walls on Ben Franklin have been repaired; the se-curity fence and rock drive at the city barn have been completed; and the drainage work on Corrigan West is still in progress, hope to fin-ish before the rainy season.There have been three ap-plications for the City Man-ager position and two pack-ets have been picked up, the posting closed September 4, 2012.During Council Forum, Council member Earlie C. Baldwin asked what the city planned to do about spray-ing with all the reports about Nile Virus. Mayor Geeslin said they would discuss spraying with County Commissioner Milt Purvis. Council member Irene Thompson expressed her appreciation for the work done making the city barn and surrounding area secure and much better looking.With no further business the meeting adjourned at 6:40 p.m.


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